The MBCBY 2019 schedule

Applications: from 15 November 2019 to 15 January 2020

The MBCBY 2018 presentation

Gallery CZECHDESIGN: July 2019
Festival LITR: September 2019
Festival Tabook: October 2019
Designblok: October 2019
Franfurter Buchmesse: October 2019
Moravská galerie: December 2019

Partner of the competition: Canon 






The MBCBY 2019 Schedule

6-11 February | Competition Jury Meeting                                                           
12 February | Nominations Announcement                                                                            
23 April | Prize-giving Ceremony

‘The Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year’ competition (MBCBY) looks at the polygraphy, graphic and illustrative aspects of books that are published by Czech publishers and printed by Czech printing companies during the previous calendar year.

The Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year Award is bestowed in seven categories and students works category. Each of the categories has three awarded places, the first place, the prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, worth CZK 50,000.

Furthermore, the Museum of Czech Literature and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague give a prize for a graphic artist aged under 30; the Arno Sáňka Award presented by the Museum of Czech Literature goes to student works; other awards are bestowed by the Association of Czech Bibliophiles; the Association of Czech Graphic Artists HOLLAR Prague; the Czech Union of Graphic Design; and the Association of Printing Companies (Svaz polygrafických podnikatelů).

The competition is announced in November, the application deadline is in the mid-January; the award ceremony takes place in April.

The awarded books go on display in the MCL; the international book fair Book World Prague; the festival Tabook; Designblok; the Moravian Gallery in Brno; and many more. The competition co-organizer, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, arranges for participation in the most beautiful book international competitions or fairs and expos.

The Competition is directed by:
Zdeněk Freisleben, Director of MCL; Blanka Skučková, the Department Head, Depart. of Literature and Libraries, Ministry of Culture; Bohumil Fišer, Depart. of Literature and Libraries, MC CR; Eliška Boumová, the Competition Secretary.