Art Collections


Request for collector’s items loan from the MCL fonds should be submitted in writing and sent to the MCL Director’s Office minimum 3 months prior to the exhibition opening. The request will be rejected in the case of this term breach.

The written request for loan of the collector’s items from the MCL AC must contain:

(1) applicant’s identity (name, head office, identification number of legal person, indication of statutory body),

(2)information about the exhibition project,

(3) information about the venue (address); the term of display; safety and climatic parameters of the building and exhibition area,

(4) identification of a requested collector’s item from the MCL (author, title, inventory number, size, material, technology); a list of collector’s items with individual identification in the case of more collector’s items,

(5) signature of the applicant’s statutory body. 

Provided the request is accepted, the art work is produced on a written loan agreement. A separate request for a photograph documentation loan should be enclosed in the case of photograph documentation loan. If accepted, the photograph documentation is provided on the agreement basis and terms of the use of collector’s items copies.