Art Collections

Information for researchers

The MCL Art Collections Department provides researchers and the interested with access to the collection fonds for attendance study in the Study Room in Prague and in the ‘Cabinet Ex Libris’ in Chrudim. The attendance study takes place on reserved researching days and during reserved opening hours. Both of the Study Rooms open by prior preliminary arrangement with a member of the staff. 

(1) The interested in collector’s items study are required to specify a subject of their interest (or reserve specified material) either face-to-face or by e-mail or phone and arrange for their visit.

(2) Prior to their study, researchers are required to fill in a research card. The filled-in data is checked by a person on duty in the Study Room against their identity documents.

(3) Researchers have the option of searching for collector’s items in the Study Room in file cabinets or electronic databases stored on researcher’s computer, on the MCL Web pages, or through services.

(4) Researchers should reserve collector’s items by prior e-mail agreement with a person on duty or directly in the Study Room upon a filled-in form: ‘The Request for a Study of Collection’.

(5) Most of the Art Collections fonds are housed in depositories outside Prague. Delivery terms vary depending on a temporary capacity or other conditions on a site. For that reason collector’s items, in the main, are produced within 14 days following their request. Researchers should receive information about the delivery by a member of the Study Room staff on request.

(6) Collector’s items are produced to researches for study by items and at a reasonable amount.

(7) Researchers are responsible for the physical condition of collector’s items while studying. A person on duty is obliged to check the condition of material before and after study.

(8) No researcher is allowed to create their own image documentation in the Study Room unless exceptionally permitted by the Art Collections Department Head. Having received a permit, researchers are required to fill in a ‘Statement’ produced by a member of the Study Room staff.