Cabinet ex libris

About Cabinet ex libris

The Museum of Czech Literature’s (hereafter MCL) ‘Cabinet Ex Libris’ with the detached workplace in Chrudim is considered to be among the most extensive specialised museum collections in the Czech Republic. At the moment, the Cabinet Ex Libris run by the MCL Art Collections Department is administrating a gradually growing collection fond amounting to about 153,000 single graphic arts pieces. The Cabinet in Chrudim was formed in the 1970s with assistance from a section of collectors engaged in the Club of Fine Arts Friends, in doing so they continued a long-standing collecting tradition. However, it was not until 1991 when the detached workplace in Chrudim and the massive collection became a component of the MCL.  

The History of ‘Cabinet Ex Libris’ in dates

1961 – The Club of Fine Arts Friends started a section of collectors that would organize the first triennial congress in Chrudim in 1971.

1971 – The establishment of the ‘Cabinet Ex Libris’ in Chrudim.

1974 – The Section started the present Triennial Czech Ex Libris competition. Collections are compiled from gifts from graphic artists taking part in the event, and from private collections from inheritances.

1986 – The year saw the ‘Cabinet Ex Libris’ formation within the Culture Centre club ‘Sdružený klub pracujících’.

1991 – The workplace and collections were incorporated in the MCL.

1992 – The first ‘Czech Ex Libris Chrudim 1989-1992’ organized by the MCL.