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About the collection

Museums and galleries in the Czech Republic boast collections containing approximately 65 million registered collector’s items; the Museum of Czech Literature houses over one tenth of them, which comprises a pretty huge portion of the national cultural heritage.

The Collection in the Museum started in 1952; it was listed at the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic’s Central Registry of Collections under the register No. PNP/002-05-10/195002; on September 25th, 2002; pursuant to 3§, Section 2, and §17, Section 2, Act No. 122/2000 Coll. on the Protection of Collections as amended.

The MCL Collection mainly consists of archival records deposited in the Literary Archive Department that is the public accredited and specialised archive in accord with §80, further on Act No. 499/2004 Coll. on Archives and Records. It is the most comprehensive group of sources for study the 19th - 20th- century Czech literature history in the Czech Republic and is among the most extraordinary collections in Europe.    

The MCL Collection consists of four sub-collections:

The sub-collection of Visual Arts (departmental No. 15)

The sub-collection of Books (departmental No. 18)

The sub-collection of Writings and Prints (departmental No. 19)

Others – ex libris (departmental No. 24)

The sub-collections of visual arts and ex libris (15 and 24) are held in the Art Collections Department; sub-collections of writings and prints (18 and 19) are kept in the Library Department.

Entitled persons have been given over 200,000 collection items (mostly book fonds or art works originally the property of monasteries) so far in accord with Act No. 298/1990 Coll., as amended by Act No. 338/1991 Coll..