Cabinet ex libris

About The Triennial Event

The Triennial Czech Ex Libris is a national display of the contemporary Czech ex libris. It is organized by the Museum of Czech Literature in Chrudim. It aims to chart modern art tendencies in the graphic arts, which is traditionally associated with the book culture.

It is open to graphic designers and graphic artists of all age categories and art school students. Their applications and ex libris are considered by and submitted to a jury that award exceptional works and select one exhibition collection.

The event preparations start in November; the application deadline is in May. Participants produce their pieces in two copies along with their application. There is no limit for ex libris pieces sent by one person, however,  the jury select only up to as many as can be placed on one A1-sized space.   

The triennial exhibition goes on view in the Karel Pippich Theatre in Chrudim exhibition hall. The complete exhibition collection is thereafter housed in the Museum of Czech Literature Cabinet Ex Libris Collection Fonds. The display is accompanied by a catalogue.