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In 2010, the Museum of Czech Literature acquired property (former barracks in Litoměřice) by a transfer from the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic to build there a depository. A project and a plan for conversion were designed during 2011-2012; Stage 1 was afoot in 2014-2015. The collections held in Staré Hrady and Duchcov began to leave the rented rooms to find their home in Building 1 (Depository of Literary Archive) early in 2016.  Now, the new Litoměřice Central Depository boasts modern depository technologies, compact shelves and specialised rooms for storing unstable material (photo archive, audio-video and other magnetic records). There are rooms to file large archival groups, a digitizing workplace, a restorer’s workshop, a service workplace and a research room.

At the moment, a majority of the MCL Literary Archive collections is housed there. The reconstruction of Building 2 is expected to reach the completion in Stage 2 (Library and Art Collections depositories). 

Originally the premises of artillery barracks, the buildings were built before 1914 to be occupied in the period of The First Republic. The years 1944-1945 witnessed the internment of prisoners working in the close underground factory ‘Richard’. Following WW2, the estates would be home to the Czechoslovak People’s Army, then to the Army of the Czech Republic until the 1990s.