MCL Management


Mgr. Zdeněk Freisleben


since 2008         the MCL Director

1996–2008         MCL Collections Presentation Department Head, MBCB competition Secretary

1993–1996         Section Director for Business, Promotional and Interior Activities, Merkur Praha, a.s.

1992–1993         ‘Artist’s Studio REA’ Head

1968 – 1991       Head Artist; the Centre for Promotion ‘Propagace’ Head from 1989


1987–1992          Magister degree: the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague; Departments: Czech Literature History and Journalism; Cultural and Social Anthropology; Arts; Communication Media

1976–1981          Secondary Art School in Prague; Departments: Graphics & Artwork; Art History

He regularly pens articles for the professional journals: Ateliér (The Studio); Umění a řemesla (Arts & Crafts); Design Trend; Image interier (The Image Interior); Ceramics Art (Editor-in-chief); Literární noviny (The Literary Newspaper); Věstník AMG (CAMG’s Bulletin). He has implemented numerous visual arts exhibition projects in the Museum of Czech Literature or galleries; he has curated exhibitions such as ‘Janladrou – Písmo a znak’ (Calligraphy and Grapheme); ‘Snová realita – Cyril Urban’ (Imaginary Reality – Cyril Urban); ‘Dalibor Chatrný – Cosi jako kniha’ (Dalibor Chatrný – Something Like A Book); ‘Obrazy slov’ (Pictures of Words); ‘Rozpravy s geometrií’ (Talking with Geometry); ‘K. Teige – Plochy snů’ (K. Teige – Space of Dreams).

He has devoted himself to architectural and graphic solutions in numerous exhibitions, catalogues and book publications such as Cesty na Parnas (Journeys to Mount Parnassus), Karel Čapek; Evropská grafika 15.-18. století (The 15th-18th Centuries European Graphics) from Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic’s collections; Poznamenání cest Karel Hynek Mácha 1976-1980; Une trop bruyante solitude – Příliš hlučná samota (Too Clamorous Solitude); Moje knihy jsou drahé (My Books Are Dear)  - Libuše Moníková;  Ztráty a nálezy  (Lost and Found) – the 1950s and the 1960s in the Czech literature; Záznamy času (The Time Records)
He is working on two projects Museum of the Present’ and ‘Book’s Object and Subject’.

Board and Council Member:

The Board of the National Committee - ICOM Czech Republic;  the European Heritage Label jury for nominations; the head juror – ‘Grafika Roku – Cena Vladimíra Boudníka’ (The Graphics of the Year – Vladimír Boudník Award); the Advisory Committee for the National Museum Collection Plan; the Senate and the Committee of the Czech Association of Museums and Galleries museum management; the Věstník AMG  (CAMG Bulletin) editorial board;  the Art Council  -the Foundation Fund of the Gallery Smečky; the MCL Publishing and Exhibition Board; the MCL Literary Archive almanac editorial board; the ‘Most Beautiful Czech Books’ competition Directorial; the Advisory Council - the Benešov Museum of Art and Design.