External catalogues

Information sources are accessible for free on the Internet:

JIB – Uniform informational portal (UIP)
The integrated searching system which enables to work with all book catalogues, full-text databases, bibliographies and other sources accessible on the Internet for free.

The Czech Republic Collected Catalogue
The collected catalogue of libraries in the Czech Republic. Its electronic form started in 1995; it contains approx. 2.9 million records of monographs, special documents and series (magazines, anthologies, conference minutes).

The open catalogue of historical book fonds in the Czech Republic linked with a digital library of digitized documents.

The Czech Republic national authorities
The portal provides access to files of personal and corporate authorities (names of institutions and events), authorities of families, authorities of the type author/entry for the use in both name and subject processing of documents, and files of thematic, geographical and formal authorities.