1. 9. 2017


The Star Summer Palace hosts the exhibition ‘Ferdinand II of Tyrol’ co-organized by the Museum of Czech Literature and the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences from September 8th to October 29th, 2017. The organizers want to mark two anniversaries related with Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, and to link them symbolically to thematically related displays in Austria (Ambras Castle) and in Bohemia (Waldstein Riding School, National Gallery in Prague). First and foremost, it is the first exhibition in our country to be mounted in the site close-related with the personality of Ferdinand II of Tyrol.
The display ‘Ferdinand II of Tyrol and the Star Summer Palace’ will replace the permanent exhibition dedicated to architectonic and symbolic aspects of Renaissance monuments and their later history (it housed the Alois Jirásek and Mikoláš Aleš Museum from 1964) on the ground floor staged by the Museum of Czech Literature. The exhibition co-arranged by the Museum of Czech Literature; and the Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences; illustrates the life of Archduke Ferdinand II (1529-1595) but first of all it shows this construction that has probably the strongest ties with Ferdinand’s engagement in the Kingdom of Bohemia. The Archduke, the Governor in the Czech lands (1547-1567), had the Star Summer Palace - the central European pearl of Renaissance - built from his own design. The exhibition is dedicated to the Star construction itself, its architectonic history, stucco decoration and art patterns.
The public will be provided with commented tours with curators: on September 16th at 2.00 p.m., Ivan P. Muchka; on October 12tht 4.00 p.m., Sylva Dobalová. The commented tours with the curator for organized groups and lecturer’s programmes for groups of schoolchildren are available by prior arrangement with the MCL Collection Presentation Department. Photo: Vlado Bohdan