9. 10. 2017


The winners of the 15th Triennial Czech Ex Libris 2017 competition were presented awards on Friday October 6th, 2017, when the same-named exhibition opened in the exhibition hall in the Karel Pippich Theatre in Chrudim. The Museum of Czech Literature ‘Cabinet Ex Libris’, the Cultural Centre Chrudim Beseda and the Association of Collectors and Friends Ex Libris will show the contemporary Czech tiny graphics by the outstanding visual artists coming from the last three years. The exhibition closes on
November 5th, 2017. The collection group comprises 254 graphics by 90 authors including ones by secondary and tertiary schools’ students. This year, a jury consisting of acknowledged experts bestowed awards to ten visual artists out of 142 who had entered the competition and had sent 1,434 ex libris pieces in total. The jury judged by basis criteria, such as emphasis on the art quality, a high quality of visual representation, self-contained groups, the range and diversity of traditional and the latest high-quality graphic techniques. The 15th year possessed the distinctive quality of awarded ex librisPhoto: Jiří Švestka