NAKI II project (Ministry of Culture CR), identif. Code: DG 16PO2H033
Grant holders: Museum of Czech Literature; Institute for Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences
Project researchers: T. Pavlíček (MCL), J. Flaišman (ICL CAS))
Time span: from 2016 to 2020

The project FROM A SOURCE TO EDITION. OPENING FONDS OF CZECH LITERATURE AND THEIR UTILIZATION IN EDITING PRACTICE aims to process and to provide access to a representative anthology of archival fonds of the prominent 19th century and the mid-20th century Czech literature figures, and to establish a workplace, which will be systematically opening digital copies and archival records files that are important in terms of research. The workplace, composed in close coordination with a team specialised in textology, and based on new communication platform and methods proved within the project, will continuously provide relevant material for preparations of volumes Critical Hybrid Edition. In addition to providing access to this outstanding group of exceptional cultural values for the broadest spectrum of the interested (especially via portals www.badatelna.eu and www.esbirky.cz), the project is supposed to support systematic, scientific and editing preparations of the key literary texts and sets of works. It will also serve a valuable function in the context with cultural heritage preservation. Prior to the digitization, archival records will come under examination to confirm their physical state; damaged items or larger wholes of fonds will fall into an endangered paper material deacidifying programme, or in more exacting forms of restorer’s treatment. The key outputs of the project will include a certified methodology to define classification and description of the archival groups of Czech literature coming from the monitored periods with regards to specific material. The methodology will cover basic instructions associated with a selection of documents suitable for digitization; it will reveal methods for preparations of documents intended for edition access to primary portions of the archival fonds (especially correspondence and manuscripts). The project also aims to develop a software that will enable mutual communication and data exchange between archival and textology workplaces. Another software application will concern the preparation of critical, scientific and electronic editions. Two book editions of this sort will be coming out, as well as four expert articles that will chart the latest conditions of the subject and will present the current outputs of the project.