Literary Archive


Loan services apply to collector’s items housed in the Archive collections and are subjected to the ‘Loan Regulations’ and the ‘MCL Literary Archive Research Set of Rules’. Archival record loans are limited, and generally only provided for purposes of display, conservation or restoration, or to make copies or replicas.

For exhibition purpose, an applicant must lodge a written application for loan of selected archival records beforehand (optimally three months prior to the event schedule). The application should be sent to the Director’s address: Mgr. Zdeněk Freisleben, ředitel Památníku národního písemnictví, Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, 118 38 Praha 1, only after arrangement (by phone or e-mail) with one of the MCL Literary Archive responsible professionals (optional contact: the MCL LA Secretariat or the MCL LA Head), and after the physical inspection of collector’s items. The application should include: 

- complete information about applicant’s identity (name, head office address), identification number, name of the statutory body – the director of institution),

- sufficient information about the exhibition project  

- information on the venue and the time span of display and loan,

- accurate identification of requested archival records (fond, sub-fond, exact description by the inventory of a relevant collection group),

- name of the exhibition author and curator

- signature of the statutory body (director of institution).  


The sine qua non condition for a loan of archival records from the MCL Literary Archive is as follows:

- to produce a document on adequate insurance of collector’s items during the loan,

- to satisfy specific requirements for archival records display, which is primarily equipment in the exhibition space, such as security systems, fire alarm systems/smoke detectors; climatic and light conditions

- to indicate the Museum of Czech Literature in all texts accompanying every single exhibit, in the introductory board to the exhibition; in all prints accompanying the exhibition provided the requirement is based on the loan significance or contractually embedded.  The loaner should give the Museum of Czech Literature invitation to the opening evening in advance; and should provide the MCL with all prints accompanying the exhibition (posters, leaflets) if applicable.

The loan is not provided unless there is a signed written contract that stipulates in clauses the above-mentioned requirements.